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eBusiness Solution

Pertimm can help you integrate and adapt its product to any existing system as well as helping you as long as needed to manage the changes.

From the Pertimm eBusiness Framework we develop turnkey applications to help our customers through any problems regarding searching applications.

On top of this, Pertimm runs training seminars on its product, in its training room in Asnières or at the customer’s premisses.

The eBusiness series

Key Points of the Pertimm eBusiness range of products

The Pertimm eBusiness framework does not replace existing DBMS but piggy backs on them and increases their value. Thus, from the current situation, the system brings tools to remove barriers and widens the array of capabilities … while providing an important ROI stemming from the optimization of the overall system. Pertimm eBusiness framework is a search server that executes queries created by users without the need for the users to learn any new query language.

Integrity of data management


The whole set of data is analyzed and indexed by the Pertimm Engine once at initialization time. Then the system gets updates as times goes by. It thus stays in sync with data from other databases almost in real time.


When indexed, data are untouched by the system, thus ensuring total data integrity.


Pertimm is absolutely independent of the DBMS. Every operation (feeding, updating, requesting) is done following the security rules of the enterprise.


Ease of integration

Installing the system is usually completed within minutes after having chosen which data to be exported from the DBMS (in XML format).

Resources needed

The Pertimm Engine fits on a 4G RAM 70G disk machine with one or more processors.


Using standard open sources (XML, http), the Pertimm Engine is compatible with all systems on the market.


Customer Support

Pertimm maintains a dedicated hot line to support its customers.

Restarting after incident, handling of errors

Error logging and diagnosis is performed with multi-level logs. It is also possible to directly check the system status and to receive email alerts.

Daily administrative load

When in production, the system runs 24/7 without any human intervention. In case of a hardware problem, the server can be restarted immediately. Missed updates need only be sent to the system.


Logging and diagnostic tools (bench, test queries…) are available.



The Pertimm Engine provides an acceleration of the speed of a response to a query by at least a factor 100. In fact, we have examples where this factor was exceeded!


The Pertimm Engine software system is installed on a dedicated Pertimm machine, and receives its data from existing Databases. It updates automatically, providing a 24/7 availability of the system.

Load balancing

The whole set of data usually fits on a single machine. Load balancing is simply performed by duplication.



If the number of queries becomes a limitation, i.e. more than 100 per second, simply adding a machine will remove that constraint.


Due to the way the index management structure of the Pertimm Engine works, fields can be added or deleted without changing the version of the Pertimm Engine.

Modes of use

Pertimm can be run hosted, or installed on our customers' servers (Windows or Linux).