Back-office e-Commerce Solution

Simple, efficient and intuitive, Pertimm's back-office makes it easy to configure and manage search , merchandising and tracking functionalities.

Enjoy an intuitive and efficient interface

Intuitive and ergonomic, the back-office streamlines and simplifies all of your operations.

It can be accessed from a web browser and is protected by a login and password to ensure the security of your data and of interactions with the front-office.

A dashboard gives you a synthetic view of the latest trends in service usage (volume of requests, top queries, query rate without result, ...).

Dashboard (1/2)

The dashboard tracks all commands executed, programmed or pending per user, according to his or her profile and level of access.

Dashboard (2/2)

Bring your Search & Merchandising strategy into play with simplicity and in real time

Pertimm's back-office gives you simple and autonomous control over your advertising and promotional campaigns through a set of dedicated functionalities. For instance, you can feature certain products according to predefined criteria across the entire site or within a specific context.

Featuring according to search criteria

You can easily enhance your site vocabulary in a few clicks with new synonyms or specialised lexicons, or enrich your product base from a simplified platform without making changes to your own system.

Enhanced sales structure

Analyse your site activity and respond accordingly

With Pertimm's back-office, you can track changes in the number of searches over different periods (days, weeks, months, years) and analyse the most searched-for terms, unanswered search queries, the most-used facets or those that generate the highest turnover, etc.

Pertimm's back-office can integrate data from other web analytics services you may already be using (Google Analytics, XiTi,etc.).

Define administrator profiles

Operations such as merchandising rules, statistical analysis and software configuration may be handled by different persons. Pertimm lets you define administrator profiles for your employees based on their function, e.g. marketing or technical.